We’re almost through the week! And if it’s been an incredibly tough one, just know that you’re not alone.I’ve heard from thousands of teachers and parents that this has been one of the hardest weeks of their lives. And I write that last sentence with my own two kids lying on the carpet after a long, long week of crafts, Zoom sessions, and way too many tears and hugs to count.That said, thank you for continuing to send questions our way in the midst of everything going on. Here are some brand-new tools to help with the biggest ones:

How can I set a schedule for remote learning?

We all know it’s hard for students to learn effectively when so much is changing everyday.That’s why Sal Khan put together sample remote learning schedules (from preschool through high school) to give your students and their families a little consistency in the midst of everything swirling around.

How do I support my students beyond technology?

Being there for your students during this tough time is about way more than using technology.Join our Head of Teacher Training on Friday at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT to discover the other keys to successfully serving students from afar — including:
Staying in touch
Setting up a schedule + routine
Supporting independent learning
Using goals and milestones to keep students motivated
Addressing the emotional impact

What can I do for my students studying for the SAT® ?

High school juniors and seniors are facing some of the toughest challenges right now as the tests, graduations, and college decisions they’ve been preparing for face uncertain futures.And given that College Board has canceled its May 2nd SAT administration, your students may be looking to you for particular guidance on how to stay sharp here.As such, we’ve prepared a full response plan for teachers, students, and families, leveraging our Official SAT Practice program to fill the void.

How can I keep learning, too?

In the midst of all the turmoil, it’s important to remember that educators are learners, too.So if you want to keep picking up new skills or just ask a burning question direct to the experts, here are the live learning opportunities we have for you next week:
Monday, March 23

Webinar: How to Engage + Motivate Your Students… Even When You’re Remote! (1 PM ET | 10 AM PT)
Tuesday, March 24

Office Hours: Talk to an Expert Khan Teacher (3 PM ET | 12 PM PT)
Wednesday, March 25

Office Hours: Talk to an Expert Khan Teacher (4 PM ET | 1 PM PT)
Thursday, March 26

Webinar: How to Bring Mastery Learning to Your Class… And Get Massive Results! (7 PM ET | 4 PM PT)
Friday, March 27

Office Hours: Talk to an Expert Khan Teacher (3:30 PM ET | 12:30 PM PT)
And even if you can’t join live, just register and we’ll send you a recording the very next day.
Finally, as we head into the weekend, just be sure to take some time for yourself, if you can. As educators and parents, we carry so much on our shoulders normally — and way more in moments of crisis.So be good to yourself. And thanks for all the goodness that you bring to others!All the best,
Jeremy and the entire Khan Academy Team